Frequently Asked Questions

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Yes, all of Belgravia Academy’s training programs are nationally accredited, ensuring they meet the needs of industry standards and the needs of learners.

If a course has entry requirements, it will be specified on each course information page. All of our courses are trained and assessed in English, and students should be able to read and write English to enable them to participate in online theory and assessment.

Being a Registered Training Organisation, we provide Nationally Accredited qualifications, Skill Sets, and units of competency. However, in addition to these, we may offer short courses that are not accredited. It’s important to note that some of these courses are delivered in collaboration with independent groups. To avoid any confusion, we clearly differentiate between accredited and non-accredited courses on each page in the Courses tab.

It differs for every course.

Some of our courses have an online component that enables you to learn at your own pace, and then they also have a face to face session so that you can demonstrate what you have learnt. For example our Pool Lifeguard Skill Set provides you with an online course to learn all the theory and techniques associated with Lifeguarding, but you could not possibly be a lifeguard without demonstrating to one of our trainers in a face to face setting, that you can save a life.

Each course differs and you can find out about the course you are interested in, under each Course Tab.

Our approach focuses on developing assessments that are fair, flexible, valid and reliable. We assess people in realistic environments, under real conditions, and allow for re-assessment and re-training where needed.

Various programs use a range of methods to assess, including online theory assessment, project-based assessment and live demonstration.

Details on the assessments specific to each course are provided at the beginning of training.

When you successfully complete a course, we issue you the appropriate testamur. If you complete a full qualification, you receive a nationally accredited certificate.

Where you complete individual units of competency, you will receive a Statement of Attainment.

For full qualifications we have payment plan options. If you are experiencing hardship and would like to enrol with us, we recommend you contact us for a chat.

All of our accredited programs have recognition of prior learning (RPL) processes that can be applied to them.

Fees will apply for RPL assessment and will be provided to a student prior to an assessment being undertaken. Fees differ for each individual depending on the amount of RPL being applied to an assessment, and the type of assessment needing to be undertaken. Some are more labour and time intensive.

Our assessors follow the rules of evidence in every assessment they make – including RPL assessment. Evidence provided by a student must be valid, sufficient, authentic, and current.

Belgravia Academy is committed to promoting diversity and inclusivity in all aspects of its operations. We value diversity in cultural, linguistic, socioeconomic, and experiential backgrounds. We believe that by embracing diversity, we can create a more supportive and inclusive learning environment that reflects the communities we serve.

Yes, Belgravia Academy can customise its programs for different situations and circumstances, so if you don’t see something that you are interested in here, contact us to see if your preferences can be realised.

The minimum age to attend a training course unattended is 14 years.  Children between 10 years and 13 years of age can attend accompanied by an adult.  Some companies do offer adjusted training for school students. Children can attend the training without receiving certification.

As our qualifications are delivered and assessed in English, they therefore require a high degree of English proficiency. If an individual cannot communicate effectively in English, they will unfortunately be unable to complete their required assessments.

All our First Aid courses include CPR. You only need to book CPR separately if you are refreshing your CPR which is required annually.

Yes.  There is online learning support material to read and activities to complete before attending the practical session.  Your Certificate cannot be issued until all the theory and practical assessments have been successfully completed.

If online activities and practical assessment have been successfully completed, you will receive your Certificate within 48 hours of attending the practical.  Your Certificate is always available for you to download from your online student portal.