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The Australian travel and tourism industry is experiencing an unprecedented growth, resulting in an increasing demand for highly skilled professionals who can meet the evolving industry standards. At Belgravia Academy, we are committed to providing exceptional training programs that empower our learners with the practical skills and knowledge needed for successful careers in the industry. Our programs are designed to offer hands-on learning experiences that allow our learners to apply the skills they acquire at any of our numerous managed venues or destinations. 

To provide our learners with the best possible training, Belgravia Academy has partnered with Belgravia Pro, a leading provider of tourism management services across Australia. This partnership allows us to offer nationally accredited training programs that meet industry standards, while Belgravia Pro provides specialist knowledge in the field to enhance the learning experience. Together, we offer learners the chance to apply their newly acquired skills in the dynamic tourism sector, while also providing them with employment opportunities in this exciting industry. 

With Belgravia Pro’s passion for travel and tourism, this partnership was a natural fit. Our collaboration ensures that our learners receive the most up-to-date knowledge and training in the industry. By combining our resources and expertise, we equip learners with the necessary skills to succeed in the booming travel and tourism industry. 

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